Forward your learning experience

Exam preparation in a flexible, efficient and customized manner

Hybrid learning model

Exam preparation package of course videos + group session + 1 to 1 consultation

High quality videos & quizzes

The course videos are aligned with your actual course schedule with clear examples and illustrations. You can easily follow the videos at your own pace and revisit them anytime. Weekly quizzes are also designed from past year questions to help you fully understand the contents.

Discussion & Whatsapp Group

There will be a WhatApp group created to further clear your questions. Also, discussions among students are highly encouraged. You can also use the discussion board for questions regarding the videos

Group sessions & 1 to 1 consultation

There will also be 2-to-3-hour group sessions organised days before the actual exam to go over more practice questions and your questions. You can also arrange private sessions if you need personal help.

Great flexibility & Competitive price

You have the ultimate freedom to choose whether you only want the videos or you also want the group session and/or private sessions. There is a great flexibility. The sessions are also charged at very competitive prices.

Our Most Popular Courses


Management Accounting Past Year Paper Practice Session Recording

This is a recording of the session happened on 24th Wednesday 4pm Amsterdam Time and take about 2 - 2.5 hours. It will go through past year Management Accounting questions and your personal questions for the remaining time. It is suitable for the Management Accounting Course for the Business Administration and Business Economics Programme from the University of Amsterdam.

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Management Accounting Variance Analysis Live Session

This is a recording of a live session happened at 22nd Monday 1pm Amsterdam Time and it is about 2 hours and 15 minutes. It contained everything about Variance Analysis with the practice from past year paper. It is suitable for the Managment Accounting Course for the Business Administration and Business Economics Programme from the University of Amsterdam.

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UvA Business Administration Management Accounting – [Free Trial]

This free trial covers high-quality videos and practice questions for the first two parts of week 1's content of management accounting.

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UvA Business Administration Management Accounting – [Courses only]

This course contains high-quality videos, practice questions and the access to WhatsApp group for additional Q&A

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Find out your own study method

Studying is not about spending a lot of time. Instead, the most important thing is to figure out a study method that works for you.

Zimo Li - Founder

We will arrange a short dicussion with you after your registration to understand your issues with the subjects you are struggling with and come up with suggestions based on your personal circumstance.  

You can communicate with us at anytime if you feel the learning material does not work for you. We will discuss with you to make a timely adjustment. Fundamentally, we want to help you in an efficient manner. 

Even though we have prepared high quality videos and practice questions, fundamentally you need to put in your own efforts to pass the exam. We can help you study efficiently but nobody can pass the exam without any efforts. 

What Our Students Have to Say

"I am quite satisfied with the training I followed at Forward Studies. The tutorial videos are the most professional and effective support and I can watch them anytime and anywhere I want. With academic help offered by Forward Studies, I am much more confident with the exam related topic. I would highly recommend Forward Studies to my friends. "
Economics and Business Economics, Univerity of Amsterdam
"The tutor is talented, professional and detail-oriented, and push us to the key to question step by step. What’s more, the online lesson which surprises me a lot. There are more specific approaches on the screen and we could go over the information when and how many times we like. I am really grateful for those supportive materials and the cute tutor, Zimo. I wish there will be more and more benefited students from Forward Studies in the future."
Astro Liang
Economics and Business Economics, University of Amsterdam
I really appreciate Zimo's effort in assisting us with our studies in Management Accounting. I like his way of teaching so much as he made those complicated concepts much easier to understand and follow. At the start of the course, I struggled a lot and could not figure out anything. However, With Zimo's explanation, I was able to thoroughly understand the course and excel in it. The videos he made helped me a lot and I achieved an 8.5 for the end-term exam. I'm pretty sure that I will recommend Zimo's online lessons to my friends if there will be more courses provided in the future.
Julia Kang
Business Administration, University of Amsterdam
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